About Evolution Consulting

Okay, I admit it…I’m a “people-and-performance” geek!

Is that a phrase? I don’t know but I can tell you that since my very first job in Australia, I’ve been endlessly fascinated with what makes people tick in the workplace & how that combines to impact the business’ performance. This curiosity has allowed my 25+ year career evolve from financial services operations & management to learning & development, executive coaching, strategy, organisation design & change management.

Oh, did I mention that I have an exceptionally high level of abstract reasoning?

I do, & my absolute all-time favourite place to apply it is to the human dynamics that impact on business performance. I told you I’m a people-and-performance geek! Seeing the patterns which prompt my curiosity leads me to diagnosing some really interesting root causes of my clients’ performance challenges. In turn, they get innovative solutions.

The third thing is that I love to figure out how to connect people to their A-ha moments, so they can make changes and get better results. A favourite is to walk them down alternative future paths, so they can make their own informed choice.

All this means I’ve built up deep and unique insights into how best to design & implement leadership & management tools, so they deliver desired results. I have zero interest in tick-boxing. I only work with clients who truly want to achieve better performance outcomes, for themselves, their team & their business, and commit to doing the work.

There’s loads of services I offer but it’s not really about the services.  It’s about surfacing the real performance challenges that you’re facing, combining my service offerings into a an innovative solution for you and your specific challenges.  Then it’s about supporting you through the hard work of implementation and change, so you get to unleash your performance potential.  That’s what really matters.


If this sounds like a plan to you, then contact me now to see how I can best help you.

Organisational Types We've Worked With Include:

  • Professional Services Partnerships
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)
  • Indigenous large companies and multi-nationals – divisional & corporate
  • Semi-state & public
  • Start-ups seeking to prepare for growth
  • Private and publicly traded

Industry and Sectoral Experience includes:

  • Financial Services, Aviation Leasing
  • Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices
  • Professional Services: Legal, Accounting, Consulting
  • Technology, Engineering, Construction
  • Not-for-profit, Membership bodies
  • Marketing, Design, Packaging

About Irial

Building better businesses is what lights Irial’s fire.  She’s fascinated with what undermines business performance and is energised by figuring out how to change  dynamics, to unleash better performance.  She has a knack of surfacing unhelpful performance patterns and designing solutions that deliver real change within organisations.

With over 20 years experience of building high-performance leaders and teams, she’s concluded that all businesses need Clear Strategy, an Organisational Structure fit-for-future purpose, a Culture that enables the business and a deep Capability to lead and manage the business.

Irial’s strong abstract reasoning provides her clients with insights into what is undermining business performance and her ability to design practical interventions to change the dynamics results in better outcomes and better performance.  Some of her interventions are innovative and unique to her. So, contact us today, so we can start figuring out how to enhance your business performance.

Irial has over 10 years direct management experience and over 20 years of actively developing individuals and organisations.  She wrote the book Values, Not Just for the Office Wall Plaque: How Personal and Company Values Intersect.  She is currently undertaking the process of becoming an accredited Change Master, with the Change Management Institute.

  • Prince2 Certification
  • Organisation Design in Practice (Roffey Park, UK)
  • Insights Discovery
  • MHS Emotional Intelligence 2.0 and 360
  • Diploma in Executive Coaching
  • Diploma in Instructional (Training) Design
  • Certificate in Financial Services Law, UCD
  • Green Belt Six Sigma
  • Higher Diploma in Statistics
  • BSc Applied Science (Physics and Maths)