About Capability - Training, Coaching & Mentoring

Capability is an outcome of a range of inputs such as Knowledge, Skills, Experience and Mindset.  While each function has its own technical capability requirements, our focus is on developing Leadership and Management capability that best supports your business’s performance.

A common assumption within many companies is that they have the capability to do what they do.  It’s a reasonable assumption, arising from their technical competence.  However, technical competence and managing and leading a company require totally different capabilities.  Building management and leadership capability relies on having the right knowledge, skills and mindset to effectively lead and develop others to deliver the business goals, resulting in superior performance.

In building capability, we support development in three ways –  training, for knowledge, skills and shared meaning; coaching, for mindset and individual application; mentoring, for organisational know-how.


Bespoke training programmes, appropriately tailored to management level and organisational needs.


Provision of one-to-one coaching or Manager as Coach training skills, to enhance in-house coaching capability.


Support the design and roll-out of an in-house Mentoring Programme or one-to-one mentoring.