So, what does “Strategy” mean to you?  We ask, as most people to struggle to define what is meant by Strategy.  At Evolution Consulting, we break Strategy out into Strategy Strategy and Tactical Strategy.  And what exactly does that mean?

Strategy Strategy means defining where the business is going to play.  It defines what playing field you’re going to play on.  It’s a deep dive on:

What Value do we bring to the market?  What pivot options do we have?  What do we excel at?  What do we struggle with?  Where are we going to play?

Tactical Strategy means agreeing the roadmap to deliver the Strategy Strategy.  Once the high level decisions have been made, it defines how the resources of the organisation are going to be used to deliver on the strategy. Typically, there would be a business-wide tactical strategy, supported by functional strategies that support the business tactical strategy.

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Our Approach to Strategy

We use a range of Business Model tools and Innovation techniques to help executive teams generate possible strategic business ideas, to be further explored and evaluated.  We then narrow down the options and can assist in researching their viability.  Once selected, we shape a final Strategy.


Facilitate workshops to clarify and articulate Vision, Mission Statement and Corporate Values.


Facilitate workshops and conduct market research, to assess and create a coherent business strategy.


Facilitate structured Innovation workshops, to get Leaders’ creative juices running.