Values – Not Just For The Office Wall Plaque


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1. Explains what Values are

2. How to identify personal values and company values

3. Explains the different sources of conflict or tension that arises, when we don’t live our values

4. Demonstrates how to embed Values in the workplace


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“Values are like finger prints.  Nobody’s are the same but you leave ’em all over everything you do.”            Elvis Presley

Elvis had it spot on.  We all have values, whether we are aware of them or not.  We all have expectations, of ourselves and others, based on what our values are.  We often make decisions through the lens of our values.  When we experience life through our values, all is good with the world.  When we’re living at odds with our values, things start to unravel.  If not addressed and dealt with, the costs of not living our values extends to negative impacts on mental and physical health.


This book explains what values are, why they matter, the different types of conflict or tension that can arise, when we’re not living our values and how this all shows up in the workplace.  For leaders, e.g., CEOs, c-suite executives, HR, executive coaches, the book also explains how to decipher the leadership team’s actual values, not just the nice sounding ones.



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    This book is very well written, and highly readable (a rarity in business-oriented books!) It covers how companies define their values, why their ‘true’ values often don’t match their ‘stated’ values and the conflicts this can cause. It’s a worthwhile read for anyone working in HR or running a business, as it shows how a company can improve morale and profitability by figuring out what it is that the directors really want to achieve and how they can aim to do so. As an employee, I found a lot of it wasn’t really relevant to me personally, but on the other hand I did reach the conclusion that I am in the wrong job and need to do something else. Any book which can instil a life-changing decision like that (and one which I fully intend to act on!) has to be worth recommending.
    5 Star Review, Posted on by Mr. Bear, May 2013

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