The Manager’s Dilemma – How to Empower Your Team’s Problem-Solving


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Release date: September 12th, 2021

Special Launch Price:  €9.99 until 30th September, 2021.


Understand the dynamics that leave you overwhelmed, as you sort out many of your team’s problems.

  1. Valid & Invalid reasons for escalation
  2. Problem-solving steps
  3. Diagnosing potential starting points
  4. Coaching from each starting point
  5. Your manager’s mindset to problem-solving
  6. How to introduce the new approach

Order your copy today, and find out how you can free up your own time, while empowering your team’s problem-solving and develop a high-performing team.


Release Date: 12th September, 2021.

Special Launch Price: €9.99 until 30th September, 2021.


Tearing your hair out from team members constantly plonking problems on your desk, for you to sort out?   Fid your day running away from you, as you sort issue after issue after issue out?  Do you regularly think surely they can figure this out themselves?


If so, The Manager’s Dilemma – How to Empower Your Team’s Problem-Solving is the book for you.  Uncover the valid and invalid reasons for escalation.  Explore the steps of problem-solving.  Meet Lisa and her team and join her as she diagnoses the potential starting points of each of her team members and delves into how she might coach each of them to sort out their own problems, freeing Lisa’s time up.  Consider your own mindset and how it might be contributing to your team’s dynamic.  Plan how you’ll introduce this new approach to developing and empowering your team’s problem-solving.

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3 reviews for The Manager’s Dilemma – How to Empower Your Team’s Problem-Solving

  1. O’Farell

    I knew I was stuck in the dilemma but I didn’t know how to get out of it, this book provides a practical roadmap to do just that.

    The author writes in a style that makes it accessible for all. I enjoyed the dialogue style as it made me feel like I was actually in the middle of a personal coaching session specific to my needs. I knew when I picked the book up that the topic resonated with me but I didn’t know why it was happening; how common a problem it is; or most importantly how I got about resolving it for myself.

    The author poses issues and questions throughout, that doesn’t make you feel inadequate, defensive, or that you’re out of your depth. I found myself thinking about the issues and how they relate to my own situation not just as a manager but also a team-member within my own manager’s structure. Without giving away any spoilers- I think the most effective lesson for me related to the actual process of problem solving and how I didn’t fully recognise the actual steps involved. This highlighted my tendency to skip straight to a resolution without considering the implications and obligations that I actually have as a manager.

    Whilst I loved the last book SMART Objective Setting for Manager’s, this book really resonated with me and I look forward to recommending it to colleagues everywhere.

    – Elle Carroll

  2. O’Farell

    Heading: A clear and structured guide to enhancing team problem-solving abilities.

    Review: This book translates the complex process of encouraging and developing independent team decision-making to a simple and structured approach. It provides a comprehensive guide to empowering team members through enabling the reader to understand the drivers behind team members’ approach to problem-solving and providing decision pathways to universal scenarios faced by managers. The templates provided allow for a personalised journey, enabling stories and concepts within the book to be related to personal experiences and reflected upon.

    – Damien Ruigrok

  3. O’Farell

    An essential playbook for the creation of high performing teams!

    A clear and concise guide to support senior executives as they work to create problem solving as a core capability within their team(s). Successfully pushing decision making accountabilities down the chain of command releases senior exec time to focus on the more strategic level directioning. Easier said than done – this book helps business execs navigate the journey.

    – Aoife Lucey

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