SMART Objective Setting for Managers- 121 Coaching Session


This 2-hour one-to-one session is designed to provide you the space and time to explore behavioural performance challenges you face with members of your team.  We explore not just the individual’s performance but the context in which they are working.  We uncover what is contributing to the issue and examine the options to change the dynamics.  Time-permitting, we will build out a compelling approach to address the performance issue so that you can start to implement it and see improved outcomes.   Please note that, as with all coaching sessions, there can be no guarantees of successful outcomes.

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If you’re struggling with understanding and dealing with a particularly challenging behavioural performance issue with one of your team, this is the coaching session for you.   The session will allow you unpack what is going on with the issue, examining it from a variety of different aspects – starting with the individual but also moving out to the team, their manager (AKA you), wider management, the culture and possibly even the processes and expectations between functions and teams.  Sometimes, a “performance issue” is not what it seems.  Think of it as a “who dun it” extravaganza – what’s really going on beneath the surface?

The session is brought to you by Irial O’Farrell, the author of SMART Objective Setting for Managers: A Roadmap and she is always delighted to bring her detective skills and her insightful questions to help you understand the real dynamics of what is happening with the issue.  Time-permitting, she will also help you consider how you’re going to approach implementing the suggestions that arise.  It may turn out, they are very different to what you first thought.



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