Living Your Personal Values – 121 Coaching Session


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Do you find yourself in low level conflict with your work colleagues?  Or get frustrated with senior management decisions?

Do others constantly disappoint you and not live up to your values and expectations, resulting in emotions such as: frustration, irritation, anger, disappointment?

Are you struggling with your work environment and sense that it just might not be the best fit for you?


If you answered Yes to any or all of the above, then maybe it’s time for you to identify and explore your values, how they’re impacting you and what choices you have.  This is a 2-hour one-to-one coaching session, delivered virtually via Zoom Pro, that:

  • Explains what values are
  • Enables you to identify your own values and define them
  • Identify situations where conflict is arising due to values differences
  • Explore situations you’re not living up to your values
  • Identify options and strategies to deal with and minimise conflict arising from values differences



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