Emotional Intelligence Assessment with Feedback


Understand your current level of emotional intelligence and agree a development plan, to align and enhance your EI, in this 90 minute session with Irial.  You will complete the assessment online and then conduct a feedback session, where you will explore the different elements of EI and how they currently show up for you.

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All else being equal, Emotional Intelligence (EI) is what differentiates top performers from the rest.  By understanding our emotions and what is driving them, we can use the information to better manage ourselves, our decisions and our relationships with others.  Purchase this package and you get:

  1.  An invitation to complete the MHS self-assessment emotional intelligence tool.
  2. A copy of your EI report
  3. A 90-minute feedback session with Irial O’Farrell, including:
    • Understanding the context within which your EI strengths and areas for development shows up
    • Debrief of your EI strengths and areas for development
    • Identify and agree an EI development plan, to further enhance your EI




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