SMART Objective Setting for Managers: A Roadmap


Release date: September 20th, 2020

1.Links relationship between job descriptions and performance.

2. Highlights drawbacks of using SMART with another person.

3. Breaks down the process of setting behavioural objectives e.g., improving someone’s communication or stakeholder management skills.

4. Pulls process altogether into one chapter.

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Book due to be released September 20th, 2020


If you’re like most managers, you’d probably prefer to watch paint dry than set objectives with your team.  But what if you were able to change the objective setting process into a positive and productive meeting?  What if you were clear about what each of your team members needed to focus and what would really turn up the dial on their performance?  What if you were able to explain why they need to engage with these objectives and articulate how their career would benefit?  What if you developed a high performing team?  What would that mean to your day-to-day job and your career future?  What if you had more time and worried less?


One of the biggest bug bears managers have is not so much what an employee does (although that can kick in too) but how they go about doing it.  This book builds up to a full chapter on identifying behavioural development needs and how to create targeted objectives that change behaviours and performance.


This book breaks down both the objective types and the SMART process, allowing you to fully understand what and how to use each element.  It layers in an understanding of the human and different personality preferences, increasing the likelihood of your message truly being heard.  It brings a multi-dimensional approach to objective setting, tried and tested in numerous SMART Objective Setting workshops.

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    I actually liked it and, for me, that’s saying something. I’m typically not a fan of management type books and the only other one I remember liking was Heart of Change by Kotter so you’re in good company.
    Paul Clements, Head of Change, Release, Transition and Configuration Management & beta reader

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