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SMART Objective Setting for Managers- 121 Coaching Session


This 2-hour one-to-one session is designed to provide you the space and time to explore behavioural performance challenges you face with members of your team.  We explore not just the individual’s performance but the context in which they are working.  We uncover what is contributing to the issue and examine the options to change the dynamics.  Time-permitting, we will build out a compelling approach to address the performance issue so that you can start to implement it and see improved outcomes.   Please note that, as with all coaching sessions, there can be no guarantees of successful outcomes.

SMART Objective Setting for Managers: A Roadmap


This book unpacks the 4 management challenges of designing effective objectives:

  1. Defining the desired outcomes of performance
  2. Diagnosing team members’ individual starting points
  3. Defining tangible objectives for “soft” behavioural performance issues
  4. Understanding what can go wrong in the communication process, when agreeing objectives

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The Manager’s Dilemma – How to Empower Your Team’s Problem-Solving


Release date: September 12th, 2021

Special Launch Price:  €9.99 until 30th September, 2021.


Understand the dynamics that leave you overwhelmed, as you sort out many of your team’s problems.

  1. Valid & Invalid reasons for escalation
  2. Problem-solving steps
  3. Diagnosing potential starting points
  4. Coaching from each starting point
  5. Your manager’s mindset to problem-solving
  6. How to introduce the new approach

Order your copy today, and find out how you can free up your own time, while empowering your team’s problem-solving and develop a high-performing team.