About Structure - Organisation Design

Organisation structure is much more than just the Org Chart.  It shapes how we behave,  how we co-operate, how information flows across the organisation and how  accountability is defined.  A poorly designed organisation reduces business performance, as energy is diverted away from delivery, into the unseen abyss of lost performance.

We use Organisation Design models, to guide clients through organisation design process. We start by helping clients clearly define their value proposition and then select the best organisational structure to support its delivery.

Once the model is decided, we then explore the organisational roles needed to support delivery, the responsibilities of each organisational role, and how accountability and power will work.  We then layer in Processes, Work and Relationship Networks and Information Flows.

Once agreed, we then start filling in further details such as Reward, Job Descriptions, etc.  Throughout all of this, we support the management team in guiding them through the process, challenging assumptions and prompting key discussions.

We work with both C-suite and Head of Function/Business Unit teams, depending on whether you’re looking to redesign your whole organisation or just a portion of it.

Organization Design

Facilitate and guide Leadership teams through initial stages of design, to design an organisation fit to deliver business strategy.

Organization Design Training

Equipping Senior Managers’ with capability to analyse current functional/BU organisation design impact on performance, and how to re-design.

Organization Design Implementation

Tailored Change Consulting services, to support implementation of an Organisation Design plan.