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What makes people tick and how they show up at work has a direct impact on the bottom line, the individual’s and the company’s.  But understanding the people isn’t enough; you also need to understand the organisational system they work in.  Many managers and leaders struggle to differentiate between the individual’s performance and the system’s performance.

Evolution Consulting works with leaders and managers, from front line to C-suite, and their organisations, to understand and enhance their Strategy, Organisation Structure, Culture and Leadership and Management Capabilities.

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Values - Not Just For The Office Wall Plaque

"Values are like finger prints.  Nobody's are the same but you leave 'em all over everything you do."            Elvis Presley Elvis had it spot on. ...

SMART Objective Setting for Managers: A Roadmap

Book available October 4th, 2020 Get your Kindle copy at SMARTManagers at the special launch price of $0.99, £0.77 or €0.89. If you're like most managers, you'd probably prefer to...



Living Your Personal Values

Want to reduce workplace frustration while finding your authentic self?  Then this is the course for you.  If you find yourself getting frustrated with colleagues or thinking senior management decisions...

Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence - Bronze

What is Emotional Intelligence and, more importantly, why does it matter?   Ever meet someone who keeps their cool in trying circumstances?  Or someone who reads the situation and manages...

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