The most common sentiment from executives attending developmental courses, workshops and seminars is “its great just to be able to take time out to think about this stuff”. A key executive competency is the ability to take a step back from the day-to-day and strategically evaluate where the team, function, company is, where it needs to get to and what blockages are in the way, and yet, and yet….

It’s hard to see the woods for the trees when we’re in the middle of the trees. For this reason, Evolution Consulting has launched an innovative service called Executive Reflection. It provides executives with a structured, regular opportunity to step away from the trees and take a look at the woods and evaluate if they’re the right woods or not.

How Does Executive Reflection Work?

  • Upfront, we agree a set amount of time, anywhere between 30 -60 minutes, a regular meeting slot, weekly or bi-weekly, and the format i.e., via Zoom or in-person (Dublin, Ireland only)
  • Initial focus of sessions is to understand and diagnose your operational and business challenges
  • We then take time to reflect on the dynamics, assumptions and root causes of these challenges
  • Finally, we re-frame challenges and/or find compelling solutions to be implemented
  • Upon implementation, we review outcomes and adjust accordingly

How Does Executive Reflection Differ from Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is very much focused on developing self-awareness, understanding leadership and building confidence in stepping into it. It tends to be over a relatively short period e.g., 4- 12 months, and sessions typically last between 1 – 2 hours.

Executive Reflection is an on-going intervention, which allows executives to step out of their day-to-day work and reflect on what is happening in that work. It is business and organisational focused, rather than self-focused (although that may come into it). Sessions are shorter and more frequent. It provides a protected space and time to examine different perspectives, facilitated by someone who has a clear understanding of business models, strategy, leadership, organisation design, influencing change.

Who is Executive Reflection For?

Executive Reflection is for C-suite executives and Senior Managers who feel they could benefit from regular, structured reflection time way from the business, to improve the business performance. It can be conducted via Skype or, in person, if based in Dublin, Ireland.

If you’re interested in trying Executive Reflection, contact us today, to arrange a chemistry-fit call or read our blog on Executive Reflection.