About Culture

Company culture that positively supports delivering business performance should be nurtured and protected at all costs, as it’s a key competitive advantage.  In reality, most companies struggle with some (not all, although sometimes it can feel that way) unhelpful aspects of their culture.

For something that we can’t touch, Organisational Culture sure is powerful.  It permeates throughout an organisation, driving thoughts, behaviours, actions and outcomes (or lack of).

We work with our clients to surface the unhelpful bits, pinpoint the sources and design solutions to reduce or change them to towards more useful behaviours.  We also work with clients to build the organisational infrastructure to actively support, communicate and protect your culture.

Culture Analysis

Identification of the unhelpful behavioural patterns of company culture and suggested reasons as to their source and possible solution options.

Behavioural Frameworks

Design behavioural frameworks, such as Values, Competencies and Role Dimensions, that articulate and support your desired culture.

Performance Development

Design and embed comprehensive and multi-faceted Performance Development process that actively supports culture while delivering strategy.