Change Management Institute

While project and programme management are well established, at this point, the same can not be said about Change Management. Change Management focuses on moving people towards the change, rather than moving the project towards completion. Projects often deliver outputs e.g., do we now have that IT system installed? Have we new processes defined? Project success is very much defined by whether the agreed outputs are delivered or not. However, having a fabulously expensive new technology platform doesn’t mean the business is getting value from it. Change Management focuses on incorporating the project outputs into business-as-usual, so that the benefits are realised.

Preparing for Change Consulting Services

  • Assessing change readiness and size/complexity of change initiatives
  • Facilitating the articulation of your Change Vision i.e., why are we doing this?
  • Training Needs Analysis arising from change initiatives
  • Defining Change Management Roles
  • Facilitating Change Preparation workshops, such as:
    • Stakeholder Analysis & Strategy
    • Change Communication Plan
    • Resistance Strategy
  • Defining Change Management KPIs

Implementing Change Services

  • Facilitating New Process Workshops
  • Resistance Reflection, Analysis & Action Support
  • Training & Coaching Support