Impact of Your Business Growth Plans

Congratulations on your growth plans.  If’s a very exciting time in any business’s success.  But (there’s always a “but”, isn’t there!?) deciding to double or triple sales turnover has implications for the rest of the business, such as:

  • Can the current processes deal with increased volume?
  • Can the current level of staff deal with those volumes and maintain quality?
  • What additional tasks and jobs will you need?
  • How will people adjust to changed roles?
  • Will people let go of parts of their jobs or will they cling onto them and create chaos and increase costs?
  • How do you need to lead in this future world?
  • Will functions need to be separated out or introduced?
  • Will management roles need to be formally introduced or are new management levels required?

There’s a lot involved in moving from one stage of growth to the next and, as with everything, there are choices to be made.  Do you muddle through and learn the hard way, as many people do?  Or do you invest in yourself and your business and grow the smart way?

If the hard path is the path for you, I wish you well, my friend.  If the smart choice is what you’re after, or you’ve had enough of the hard path, let’s get started and have some fun!

To find out what the smart path might look like, click here.  Otherwise, read on.

What's Our Next Step?

While you know what your growth plans are, I unfortunately don’t.  Which means we need to do some ground work.  I need to understand what your growth plans are and/or what growth you have already absorbed.  That gives me a good idea of the scale of your growth and and what elements of your business will be impacted.

You’ve a couple of options here.  Contact me and we’ll schedule an exploratory meeting. Or sign up for my Scaling Your Business Assessment, email me the completed form and we’ll follow up with an exploratory meeting.


How will you communicate your growth vision and guide your team through the change?


How does your culture need to adapt, to enable your future growth?


Are your current processes mature enough absorb your future growth?