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Who's on Your Bus?

Joan had a successful business.  The only fly in the ointment was with her staff.  In working with Joan and her values, we identified that Joan had a value of Commerciality.  When I asked her to relect on what she thought the values of her team were, she quickly identified that she wa recruiting staff who were knowledgeable about the products but not commercially-minded. Changing her recruitment process led to increased sales and less dissatisfaction with her staff.  


Recruiting, promoting and retaining the right people to bring your company forward is crucial to your success but we're not really talking about "knowledge" here, we're talking about mind-set and the resultant behaviours that leaders demonstrate.  At Evolution Consulting, our motto is "recruit for values and mind-set and train for knowledge".  


Key to this is articulating what the company's Values actually are (not what they are stated to be), what they mean behaviourally (including decision making) and the behavioural competency framework that sits underneath those Values.  With the right people on-board, the destination can be decided but having the wrong people on-board leads to conflict, loss of focus and derailment.    


Evolution Consulting is experienced in working with clients to develop:


Company Values

Competency Frameworks

Recruitment Process

Performance Management Process

Succession Planning & Development Process


As all this work is bespoke, and depends on where your company currently is on its journey to greatness, click here to contact us today to find out more about how we can help your company get the right people on your bus.  

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