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Level 5 Leadership  

Walking down the corridor one day, I stopped to talk to a colleague and asked how things were going.  You could have knocked me over with a feather when he told me how great things were going.  Last time we had met, on my Management Development Programme (MDP), his team had been in a state of disarray and he just didn't know how to climb out of the hole he was in.  Recovering from my surpirse, I invited him to attend my next MDP, which he egarly accepted.  


Next programme, he joined us and regaled the group with horror stories of how he and his management team worked 14 hour days, 2 out of every 4 weeks while their team sauntered out the door at 5pm; how their procedures and processes had completely broken down, just to get the work out the door, 5 days after their deadline; how their client was providing quality control and finding many, many mistakes; how their client was deeply unhappy with this situation.  


Attending my Management Development Programme had been the wake-up call he needed.  He knew the team couldn't sustain this level of chaos and firefighting much longer so he took the lead and led them to the land of reduced hours, increased motivation, team capacity, quality and happier clients, where it was sweet.  


A Level 5 Leader leads with a clear head, clear strategy, focus, flexibility and humility.  They put the company first, ahead of their own egos.  Find out how to develop Level 5 leadership skills with Evolution Consulting.  


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