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GREAT Leadership - Organisational & Personal

Have you read Jim Collins' book, Good to Great?  If you haven't, go to Amazon right now and get a copy, read it and then come back here.  If you don't know about it, it basically articulates what a company needs to do to become a GREAT company and here at Evolution Consulting, we like working with clients who have ambitions to become a GREAT company.  


As a starting point to understanding what is meant by "Organisational Leadership", Good to Great is a brilliant place to start.  It demonstrates that great companies not only need effective personal leadership (Level 5 Leadership, Who's on the Bus?, Confront the Brutal Facts) but they also need clear organisational leadership (Hedgehog Concept, Culture of Discipline).  


What this book doesn't do (and isn't meant to) is explain how to develop and achieve such levels of effective leadership.  That's where Evolution Consulting comes in.  We have proven experience of developing the different elements of leadership required for your company to become a GREAT company.  


To find out more about what we do, how we do it and packages available, feel free to click on our menu above or the links below or browse in our shop. If you like what you see but can't see a relevant package, call or email us today and we'll discuss your needs and propose a bespoke solution just for you.  


Organisational Leadership Concepts:

    Who's on Your Bus?    

    Hedgehog Concept



Services we Offer to Support Above Concepts:


    Company Values

    Competency Frameworks


    Performance Management

    Succession Planning

Personal Leadership Concepts:

    Level 5 Leadership

    Who's on Your Bus?



Services we Offer to Support These Concepts:

    Executive Coaching

    Self-awareness Feeback [Insights Discovery; Emotional Inteligence]

    Building Trust

    Management Development Programmes

    Leadership Development Programmes

    Developing High Performance Teams Programmes