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Managing Director, Health and Herbs


"Irial worked with me as a business coach over 6 sessions starting out with a broad canvass. Working with Irial concentrated my mind forcefully on core assumtions I had always 'assumed' but never evaluated. After the second or third session I started thinking about whether I was managing or leading. Also how problem solving 'happened' in my business, where new ideas came from how they were received.

Towards the final sessions I felt clearer about the direction the business was taking and felt more like I was directing changes rather than responding to them.

The most helpful long-term benefit it that problems are open to be solved by the whole team. I no longer feel I am the 'problem boss' , as such there are more hearts and minds working out the solutions.

Irial has been there at crucial times since then and always provides useful insights which have helped me make decisions. As a leader in a small business I have found it very useful to have the benefit of 'big business' experience available for my business."