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Managing Director at Donite Plastics Ltd


“I am normally very sceptical of the value of consultants and coaches. However, Irial's down to earth, no nonsense, approach persuaded me to let her come into Donite Plastics for a few sessions to see if she could help me.


I am so pleased I did. With a small business like mine it is all too easy to get bogged down in day to day fire fighting. Irial forced me to 'stand back' and do some strategic planning and then to actually follow this through. Now we get Irial to come back for half a day 3 or 4 times a year. It really helps to keep us focused and moving in the right direction."




Customer Services Manager, EirGrid


"Our company values have been established for several years, however I find it can be difficult to make connections between the values and the role of my team. Irial facilitated a workshop with my team where we reviewed the company values and what they meant to us, and identified how we rated these values in terms of priority. It showed us that the team have a strong common view on our prioritisation of the values. It also showed us that other teams have a different view on the prioritisation of the values, and that this can be a source of conflict. We built on this exercise with a follow up workshop with Irial on defining a mission statement for our team based on the prioritised


values. Both workshops helped to define a common view within the team on how the values influence our day-to-day decision making and the mission statement helped us give context to the values for our team. One of my team described the whole learning experience as "enlightening". Irial was excellent at facilitating sessions with my team to help us get a greater connection between the work that we do and the organisational values. It has put much greater context on our role within the organisation."