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Competency Framework Development

Have you ever given feedback to someone who takes it very badly?  Perhaps they thought they would be getting a promotion or deserved a higher performance rating or a better bonus.  Being on the backfoot like this not only leads to a very uncomfortable situation for you but it often ends up in conflict, heightened emotion, a drop in performance and, in the worse case, staff turnover.  


The  closer everyone's understanding of expectated behaviours and role purpose, the better or everyone and the less likely such uncomfortable situations are to arise.  A competency framework articulates expected behaviours in a range of aresa and at different levels within an organisation.  


For example, I worked with one client to develop a competency framework for their nursing staff.  After the workshop to introduce the competencies, one of the nurses approached the HR manager and explained that, having seen the breadth of the competencies, they realised they were not performing up to scratch and it had spurred them on to up their game.  


A company-wide behavioural competency framework provides a foundation for recruitment, succession, performance and development.  Click here to find out more about competency frameworks or click here to contact us today to discuss developing or evaluating yorur company's behavioural competency framework.  

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